Let’s talk some more about “Pedophiles” they make a good subject. I personally would like to eradicate the lot of the Face of this Earth. The Problem being, if you get rid of one, another one pops up. So how can we win? I passionately think that we can’t. The best we can hope for is to slow them down by getting into their Face, “So to speak” So what do we have to do. Here are some Ideas of mine which have been used in some Countries. If you know of one, put a Placard with his Picture and Information in his Front Yard for all to see. Put an Ad in the Local Newspaper and tell People about him and his whereabouts. If you see him talking to someone say “Excuse me do you know this Person is a Pedophile?”

Do everything possible to annoy him. But don’t break the Law!  Don’t look for the stereo type in a Pedophile because they come in all shapes and sizes. I have seen Pedophiles as young as 19 years old and he was the worse I had ever seen. It surprised me when I found out there are also Female Pedophiles. But why not. I just thought that with “Motherly Instinct” that this could not occur. But there are. Look at your own Family Members. I know you couldn’t believe that about “Uncle Hector” Look for signs.  He is taking Pictures of them. He goes into the Kiddie Pool with them. He volunteers to Baby Sit them.

Then shower or Bath them. He might even show them “Funny “Pictures. He knows more tricks than you can imagine. Pedophilia is a Disease a Sickness; it makes him do these things. But there is NO excuse for this.  Be vigilante, your Children are precious, don’t let them get hurt. Scars from this act will last a lifetime. Remember exposed Pedophiles can’t hide, someone will recognize him. I have seen Pedophiles live in Australian Outback Towns trying to hide. But everyone knew. I will be forever be on the lookout for Pedophiles, will you?


I like to tell you a story (a true Story} that happened many years ago

We just moved into a House that was supplied by the Government. From the Caravan Park where I had been the Manager. Anyway it was a nice house and big enough for the 5 of us.

A couple of days later a Friend of mine came visiting and he took me aside to rely a story my youngest Daughter had told him.

He said that she didn’t tell me, because she thought she would get into Trouble.

But she knew that if she told him, that he would tell me.Apparently Matt one of the Caravaners, Quite a pleasant Fellow approached my


Apparently Matt one of the Caravanners, Quite a pleasant Fellow approached my Daughter to come to his Caravan to look at some petty Items that he made from Fiberglass. She had seen me quite often talking to Joe and even having a Cup of Coffee there. Anyway she went with him looking at all the pretty things. He told her that he also had some Home movies. That he was going to put on. (They were of Naked Children from Thailand)

While she was distracted, he had pulled out his Penis and started to masturbate asking if he could touch her improbably, she ran home, but didn’t say anything. But she found out from other Kids in the Park that they had been approached by Matt too. One Mother when she found out that he had touched her 8 year old Boy, took the Boy and a large Kitchen Knife and confronted Matt. Said to him he could pull his Penis out now and she’ll cut it off. I believe that she would have done so but he ran off into the surrounding Bush.

After my friend told me I asked my 10year old Daughter if this was true. When she confirmed everything I got so mad that I jumped into my Car to confront him. But in my hurry I hit another Car doing quite some Damage. So instead of confronting him I told the Police the Story. Matt got arrested and after a lengthy Trial. Even so the police found out that he was wanted for the same thing in Kalgoorlie He only got 12 month Jail. 9month with good behavior. So much for Justice. At least he got some justice dished out to him in Jail. I am very proud to say that my Daughter now is a Policewomen.

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