Monica and I

Author in Brisbane/Queensland

This Story starts in Bucasia near Mackay, Queensland. I own 5 acres of land here and it goes right down to the Beach. On it is a 2 story house made from corrugated Iron. Here I live with my girlfriend Monica. We met 3 months ago in Mackay at Mitchelmore’s Dance. Well that’s how it all started. We had a few dances and by closing time we were dancing very close. That night I took Monica home to West-Mackay and we promised to see each other again the next day after work.  Her work that is, I work as a Freelance Photographer. I enjoy the work as it gives me plenty of time to myself. In between assignments I would play on my 23′ Catamaran which I had towed onto the Beach at my place. But let’s get to the story. I awoke to another Hot day. The hot Sun was shining down onto the corrugated iron roof and walls. Monica looked beautiful in her naked form. She turned over, smiled and we made love. Monica is something special. Her Dad is an Ozie from Adelaide where he was with the Air-Force for many Years. Her Mother is Chinese,

Which makes Monica a very beautiful girl. She said that today she was going to prepare things for my 26 th Birthday Party on the Weekend. The House is pretty secluded and not many people come by. It had 2 rooms, one downstairs; had a dirt-floor. In it we had a table, lots of chairs, a big wood-stove in one corner and the most important thing; a kerosene fridge. We had some cupboards in the room and big tree-like columns to hold-up the second Floor. Which is the bedroom. To get to the bedroom, you have to go outside where a wooden staircase led up to the bedroom. We had no Glass windows, just square openings with shutters. To have a shower, you had to go outside under the big rainwater-tank. When it got to cold we had a tub near the stove full of hot water and we washed each other. Which was always great fun. Good thing we had a dirt floor. The dunny (toilet) of course was outside hidden in the long grass which I will mow when I get the old Victa Lawnmower fixed. Oh yes, and we had Mosquito Coils burning everywhere. Back to the story. When Monica finally let me out of the bed, I spotted a Kangaroo outside in the grass. I grabbed my Rifle from where it stood next to the bed and rushed to the window, stumbling over my shorts which were still around my ankles. Yes, the Kangaroo was still there. So I took aim and “Bummer” no bullets in the rifle. Looked all over the room for bullets while putting my pants on. Finally found one only in my shorts. This is getting dramatic. The Kangaroo was still there, so again I took aim and fired. Guess what? The Kangaroo was still standing there. No more bullets. So I ran downstairs and if I had to, hit that Kangaroo with a piece of iron pipe which was laying on the ground. When I got to the Kangaroo it fell over. I had shot it clean through the head. The skin would come in handy for a mat in the bedroom. Next we both jumped under the cold shower together. Sometimes we would use the garden-hose to wash each other. No Garden. After Brecky Monica took the Customline into Mackay to do some shopping. She gets most of her shopping done in Victoria Street and she is also going to see a friend of ours, who owns a Snack-bar in Wood Street. I get a lot of my Photo Stuff from Mitchelmore’s, they get it in for me from Brisbane. I am going to spend the morning, what is left of it, on the Catamaran. I bought it last year for 600 Pound Sterling off a Fellow who sailed it to Mackay from Tasmania. So “Bitch” that is my Dogs name and I wandered off to the Catamaran to do some Fiber glassing on the Deck. I do a bit at a time, when I got some money to spare. Like I said it was hot and so Bitch played in the water while I put some fiber-glass on. It’s a sticky dirty Job, but I have to get it done. I would like to take her out and spend a whole weekend at St Bees Island. We take another couple and we go nakedly all Weekend. It’s only about 20 miles, but it is very relaxing and lots of fun. We sleep under the Stars and if it suddenly rains, we go onto the “Cat”. Anyway it is lunch time and I thought I heard the V8 arriving. Bitch & I got back to the House all sticky and dirty. So under the shower again. Monica bought us Rolls and Salami for Lunch. We also had a glass of Red.

After Lunch we climbed up the stairs to play, but we heard a car, and it was our friend Boris from Brisbane. He had bought himself a Vauxhall Velox Car, quite nice. So it was back downstairs and Drinkies. Boris’ Parents are Russian and they live in East Brisbane where Boris works at the Abattoirs.  Boris loves to drink and he loves Monica. He treats her like a Sister. He is also the youngest Alcoholic that I know. That Night we drove out to the Eimeo Pub and got terrible drunk on “Sparkling Rheingold”

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