Boat People!

By; George W Rehder

What do I passionately think of them? Good Question. It’s kind of funny me writing about

Boat-People. I came to Australia in 1957. I was not a immigrant. I was a Sailor on an Oil-Tanker and when we got to Geelong in Victoria I went ashore and never returned. After working in the Bush on a Sheep-Station I went to a Police Station in Brisbane and reported myself as a deserter. To be honest I thought the least they do to me was throw me in Jail or deport me. But it was different in them Day’s. I was taken to the Department of Immigration where they took all of my Details. Then I was asked what I would like to do. They could make arrangements for me to return to my Ship, get send back to Germany or stay here in Australia. I couldn’t believe my Ears. So I said that I loved it here and would like to stay. I was told to sit down and then they gave me a piece of Official Paper and told me that I had to report once a week to the nearest Police Station. Then seeing I didn’t have a Job they send me to the nearest Employment Bureau.

Anyway I got Naturalized in1961 and now in2013 I am happy that I made that decision back then. But this Story is not about me. It is about People that are desperately trying to find a new Life. Put yourself into their Shoes. Go to Africa; go to one of these Camps. What you find is thousands of People that had to flee their Homes. Why? Think about it. These People fled their Countries and Homes, Only because they were being Tortured, Raped and watched their loved ones being killed. If they were Lucky they found Death quickly, but most of the ones that got killed had to endure a slow painful death in front of their loved ones knowing that they would fall next to the Butchers Knife.

So you wonder why they would want to come here, where the only Butchers worked in the shopping-centre. The Immigrants, Refugees and others that I have met were very adapted to the Australian Life and made their contribution to Society. I have also read and heard about others that come here to start afresh with a new and better life, but their Children despite their pleas turn to Gangs and Crime. What can or should we do? I believe that anyone that will not get naturalized or assimilates; despite what can happen to them should be deported. A lot of People are scared off the so called Boat-People, because of the Unknown; we don’t know anything about them. The only thing we know is from the Media, which can present the Facts at times way out of promotions.

This is what we believe; the Media drums it virtually into us. We get more Bad news than good news, because bad news and Tragedy will sell Papers or Air-Time. I have met People that came out to this Country, Build a Life, raised a Family and lived their own way, without bothering anyone. Sounds like the bleeding hearts club. Lot of the Immigrant complain that we are not fair to them. In a lot of cases you can tell the Immigrant/Refugee by what he/she is wearing. I have to be honest, when I see a Women in a Burqa what do I think. Believe it or not I think; is that a women or a man under that Burqa? Does he/she carry weapons under there? Is he/she a walking Bomb? Why can’t they Dress like we do? In Melbourne in Balaclava I have walked down the Street and thought; ah there goes a Jew. He again is not dressed like a Australian. I have seen Greeks and Poles that have been dressed in their National Costumes. But that is only on special occasion.

Only Muslims wear their traditional clothing at all times. Why do they want to change us and our Country to what suits them. After we accepted them into our Country, isn’t that a bit ungrateful? It won’t happen in my lifetime, but I fear for my Children and Grandchildren.

What happen to the Spirit of the ANZAC’s?   

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