My Country,

  I just read that Headline somewhere, but is it still my Country? I came to Australia back in 1957 and I won’t tell you that I was an illegal Immigrant. Yes I left my Ship here and thought that I would stay here for about six Month that should be long enough to get to see the Place I thought. Duuu, was I wrong, not only did I fall in love with this Country,

   but 57 years later and I am still here. Why? What was it that Dorethea McKellar said in her Poem? I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror – The wide brown land for….. For a long time I lived in the far north of Western Australia and that is exactly what it is like up there and in the beautiful Pilbara. That must have been the kind of Country that she was talking about. Where else could you find that fine Pindan Sand that gets into everything, whether it be the Curtains in your Home or into every nook and cranny of your Car.?

But that is not what I started out to talk about. We were talking about “My Country”, I don’t know whether it still is? I know like I said when I first came here, to me it was the Land of Milk and Honey and People still had Pride. Look at how different we looked in them Days. If I wanted to go out anywhere it would take me an Hour to get ready. I had to polish my Shoes till you could see your Face in them and your Cloth were always ironed. You would never leave without wearing your Hat.

   You would never be seen in Public without a shirt on, not even on a hot Day whiles you were digging a Trench. You talked to your Elders with respect and never called them by their first name. In our Schools we sang the National Anthem and in the Cinema we would stand up for it. We were proud to be Australian. There are lots more examples that we could talk about, but most of you know them as well as I do, even if you only heard about them from your Parents or Grand Parents. Do I miss these Days of old, yes and no, I miss all the good things like, Children having Manners and you could trust your Neighbor. Nobody ever locked their Doors, not even in the City, after all the City was just a big Country-Town. What I don’t miss is, the Medications we have now and some of the things that make Life easier for us. But in my own opinion not all modernization is good. Like for an instance, nowadays you take one Man with a Frontend Loader to load a Load onto a Truck, where in my Days it would take a few Men to load that same Truck using Shovels.

   What happen to the extra Men that now you don’t need anymore. Do they go on the Dole or how do they support their Families? But again we are getting away from my Question, is this still our Country? During WW2 the Australian Digger fought and gave his Life so that this beautiful and rich Country would not fall into the Hands of a Foreign Power. Now we are selling our Country bit by bit to the same People that we tried to keep out. I have nothing against having Immigrants we need these People. (Well most of them we do.) But do we have to give them everything for free? I can understand if you sponsor a Person from another Country because he is going to work for you and therefor you set him and his Family up. But you should not be given all these privileges if you come into this Country by “Backdoor”

   We have many Nationalities here that have assimilated and are living like everyone else. But then we have different Nationalities with different believes that could never assimilated. We know this beforehand so why does our Government think that these People should also be welcomed. Why do we have to change our believes to suit the few? Not only our believes but in some cases our Law, which was handed down to us by our Forefathers. In some Places you can get your Driver’s License even if you don’t speak or understand our native Language. Like I said, why do you call it “My Country”? Don’t you have to be at least naturalized before this becomes your Country?

   One last Question: Whatever became to the Spirit of the ANZAC,s?

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